I started running before I started walking.  I’m not kidding – my parents knew I’d be a handful from the minute I was on two feet.  And while I’ve run for most of my life, I had a 2 year period (the dark ages) where I wasn’t able to keep up with my passion for the road because of a gnarly sprained ankle and a mental block post-surgery.

At 29 years old, after spending the last year getting my running sea legs back, I’m embarking on my first full marathon.  I’m not a professional athlete, I’m certainly not fast, and while I’d love to pretend I do nothing but run, my goal is to balance my training with a life filled with a busy work schedule, an amazing family & group of friends, and a husband & dog that always keep me on my toes.  This blog will follow me on my journey to train for the big race (and all the others in between), both mentally and physically, and all the ups and downs of my runner’s high in the beautiful Mile High City.


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  1. Great running story. I can see the Lab loves to run as much as you.


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