How Kate Middleton Moved My Marathon Training Forward

It’s true. I’m writing a post about the Duchess of Cambridge on my marathon training blog. The logic may not follow now, but I swear there is a point here. 

Yesterday, I had an amazing day. I woke up early, spent some time with my husband and dog, and decided on a whim that I should forgo my usual work attire of race shirts and yoga pants for real clothes. 

I should mention that I work in a family business. I’m usually one of the only people in the office, and if I’m in Denver, I’m typically not client-facing, so you have to understand that most days I have the luxury of wearing whatever I’d like. This coming from a woman who loves clothes, has an overflowing closet, and can’t resist opportunities to dress up. I have to admit that I’ll trade sleeping in and wearing yoga pants for the suit I spent my early career living in. 

Yesterday though, I knew I needed to crush it at work, so I decided to throw on something comfortable but chic – and I threw on a pair of blue colored jeans, a grey camisole, a navy blazer, and wedges. I looked in the mirror, and my first thought was, It’s apparently Dress-Like-Kate-Middleton Day!

This all seemed totally irrelevant until the day started to come together. 

At 9:30, I got the call I’d been waiting for for weeks. It was my orthopedic surgeon calling to give me his final analysis on the MRI I had on my knee two weeks ago. His PA last week was unsure of the findings, and she’d warned me that it could be as serious as a meniscus tear or as simple as IT band syndrome. Meaning, I’d need surgery, or I’d be totally fine for May’s marathon. But like I said, yesterday was an amazing day. 

Dr. M was calling to let me know that I’m ALL CLEAR for the marathon! Some simple inflammation in my IT band is fixable and straightforward. There’s a quick solution, and no surgery. The day was off to the perfect start. 

After solidifying some big conference calls, getting my huge project done, getting some great news from some friends, picking up my new watch from the Post Office, and having the lightrail train show up just as I walked up to the station, I started to realize things seemed to be going all too well to not be attributed to an absurd source of luck like dressing like Kate (first name basis now, totally). 

Some of you may remember I threw my name into the ring a few months ago for the NYC Marathon lottery. I found out earlier this month that I wasn’t selected for 2015, and while I hate being told no, that moment was actually a really big one for me. 

When I first entered the lottery, I knew I wouldn’t get selected, but I also was hoping I wouldn’t. But when the time came to click refresh constantly on my email, I realized I was actually wishing I’d get picked! When I got my rejection letter, I was genuinely disappointed…and I was genuinely shocked at that disappointment!

That moment made me realize that, no matter how many times I said I’d only run one marathon, I wanted to run more. 

So a few weeks ago, after getting my friend Sarah on board for a race, I put my name in for the Marine Corps Marathon lottery. This time, I was open with friends about my entry and excitement for the race. I decided if I didn’t get picked, I would find a charity partner and started researching them. I pumped myself up and spent the weekend making a plan B if the lottery didn’t work out in my favor. This was a totally different ballgame. I was invested. I was nervous. I was committed. 

Yesterday, as I was in my navy blazer and feeling the glory of DLKM Day, it became increasingly evident that I needed to keep the good juju going so I could get my MCM bid!

I came home from my (awesome/so fun) happy hour with the girls, changed out of my clothes and into my favorite T-Rex shirt, and settled in for the night. As I did, I noticed that the MCM team posted to their Facebook this message:

I could only think that this was so rude! I’m the little kid who can’t handle waiting for surprises, the person who constantly tries to figure out the end of the book when I’m one chapter in. If I could find out ANY time after midnight EST, I was CLEARLY not going to sleep! The suspense was already killing me – and it was HOURS out!

As the night went on, I found myself compulsively checking my phone, reloading my email. I was trying to will the email to come through. As I started to get nervous, I had to remind myself, Chill out, it’s dress-like-Kate-Middleton day. Afterall, things had worked out in my favor up to this point!

As the clock struck 11:40 in Denver, I decided it was time for bed. We’d caught up on The Mindy Project and SNL, and I knew I had another big day ahead of me – a big day potentially filled with reloading my email constantly until I had an answer, of course!

I got into bed, reflected on my awesome day, and decided I’d just check my email one more time. As the little wheel spun at the top of my iPhone, I waited for the emails to load, expecting nothing. 

To my surprise, an email popped up – and it was THE email I’d been waiting for! 

It’s true! As of 11:46pm MST on DLKM Day, I found out I was accepted to participate in the 40th annual Marine Corp Marathon! Even better, my marathon buddy got a bid, too! This time, I got great news from a lottery despite preparing myself for a different scenario – and now you’ve gotta believe Kate Middleton was sending some good vibes my way. 

So there it is. Dress-like-Kate-Middleton Day was the day I became part of the MCM Class of 2015. 7 months from today, I’ll be in DC running with the marines, achieving something I really never saw myself doing, and just in time to celebrate my 30th birthday at the end of the year. 

And you’ll have to believe I’ll be channeling the Duchess the whole 26.2 miles that day – afterall, I owe her, right?

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  1. I got in too!!! I will admit that I threw my name in it and forgot because I was so sure that I would not get picked. I never get picked, but I keep on trying. Then what to my surprise do I see, but an email inviting me:) I too said that after the Philly Marathon that I was only doing one. Now I’m going to be doing this one and next year NYCM (as long as I compete the 9 plus 1 this year). It’s funny how these things happen!


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