Quarter-Life Crisis-ing or Going Big at 29?


My 29th birthday on Christmas Eve 2014 came with a mix of excitement for the year ahead and unintended stress about turning the big 3-0.  I know an arbitrary birthday seems like a silly reason to upheave life as I know it, but turning 30 marks the point in life where I’ve always thought I’d be a “real adult” (because, you know, I’ve been a fake one up to this point).  There’s excitement and trepidation about this big year ahead – and I know 30 comes with some perks, too.

30 is the age that finally seems professionally acceptable to my clients who see my baby face and pretend it doesn’t freak them out.  It’s the decade that’ll include some big career leaps, starting a family, and enjoying the family I have now.  If you ask me, it’s going to be pretty freaking great.  But until I get there, I’m trying to make the most of this last year of my 20’s.  This decade has been downright amazing, so it deserves a proper sendoff.

So here I am, less than a month into 29, trying to stay focused on making this the year I push myself, have fun, enjoy life, and do a few things that scare the crap out of me.

And, friends, today I did just that.

You already know I’m signed up for my first 26.2 in May – that was the event that kicked off this blog to begin with.  Well, of course, that wasn’t nearly enough to push me to my limits – after all, this is a BIG YEAR!  So today I decided to do something that literally gave me a stomach ache while I was doing it.  I put my name in the lottery for the 2015 NYC Marathon.

Ok – let’s take a step back and breathe.  I know, I know, putting my name in the lotto certainly doesn’t guarantee me a spot.  In fact, the probability of my name getting drawn is around 12%.  (I actually tried to look up weird things that are more likely to happen to me than my name getting drawn, and let me just tell you, that list was far too extensive to include in this post).

The unlikely probability of my name getting drawn though is certainly not the point.  The point is that even if I don’t get my name drawn – even if I have to enter my name every year for the next 3 years to finally get guaranteed a spot in this race – I’m finally feeling confident [bionic?] enough to do something that scares me half to death.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 2.51.37 PM

By March, I’ll have my answer on if I’ll be spending Halloween 2015 in New York City, likely holed up in a hotel room with spaghetti and a DVD of Without Limits and going to bed at 8pm.  Don’t worry – if by some crazy coincidence, the marathon gods decide this is my time, you’ll get an update right away. Until then, I plan to revel in the fact that even if my name doesn’t get picked, I put it in the drawing in the first place.  When my 30th birthday rolls around in December, add this to the list of things I can’t say I never tried.

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  1. Hooray for running your first marathon in May and turning 30 this year! I’m in the exact same boat.


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